Shibuya&Shinjuku health service for non-Japanese nationals

Exclusively for foreigners


Exclusively for non-Japanese nationals, we don’t service any locales in any circumstances. All advertisements for our establishment are only posted on English language websites sites thus your chances of being discovered locally are nil to none.
You can also choose the location from Shibuya and Shinjuku!

Not only are our girls Japanese we also recruit, half and quarter nationals with Japanese citizenship ( Spouse / Child of Japanese ). You don’t have to know Japanese to work at Tokyo Hentai Club. Our agency is open to all ladies of any nationality as long as they have full working rights in Japan. Our lineup of girls consist of locales, halves and quarters reigning from all corners of the globe. You don’t need to know Japanese to work with us!

Salary and treatment

  • Make over 120,000YEN a day
  • Free access to dance studio

Your earning potential at “Tokyo Hentai Club” will be determined by the rank which you are assigned to according to your English ability, looks and customer service skills. They are named Silver, Gold and Diamond accordingly. You will be reimbursed in full for optional services clients opt in for such as “Anal Fuck” and other similar acts where no devices or tools are required. A handling fee of 500YEN will be charged and taken out of your take home pay if a “tool” or device of some sort is needed. Simply put the salary system is designed so that your earning potential is determined by what you are able to do.

Salary Simulation

  • Example “A”
  • Example “B”
  • Example “C”

Working hours can be adjusted to suit your lifestyle! Please feel free to consult with a staff member regarding your working hours.


Mandatory monthly checkups required for all enrolled cast members.

You will be required to visit our contracted clinic for a “STI” free experience.

Periodic inspection report

Jun 2019


  • Please feel free to apply! Even if you only have a question to ask!
  • The interview process! Just relax!
  • After a successful interview, go to the clinic!
  • Get paid! Get your photos taken for free!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it really true that Japanese customers don’t come?
Correct! “Tokyo Hentai Club” is an exclusively foreigner only agency thus we don’t even have a Japanese language website catering to the locales. All advertising placed online are on English language sites meaning there is little to no access from Japanese users. Any Japanese nationals who visit our store directly looking to be serviced will be refused at the point of entry. Compared to other local stores the chances of close family and friends finding you doing this job is VERY unlikely. There have been no cases up until this point of cast members being ousted.
How is it possible to make money at such a niche store like yours?
To be honest we were actually surprised ourselves! We can’t tell you our trade secrets but we’ve been able to gain major traction among the international community so you have nothing to worry about! The best example of the potential earnings you can receive is by looking at the above examples. These stats are pulled from actual income rates of the girls who have worked with us in the past.
Can I work only during the nights?
The business hours for the hotel health service are until midnight 24:00AM. Beyond this time we operate strictly only as a “delivery health” service meaning you can work till 04:00AM at our agency. Perfect for individuals who work day jobs or attend college. With that being said we do not take any individuals who are currently enrolled in high school that are over the age of 18.
Is it possible to only once a month?
There are no penalties or minimum shift hours required at our agency. Working only a day a month is perfectly acceptable but please keep in mind that the shorter the shift you work the less clients you can potentially meet. We recommend at least working 4 to 6 hours per shift.
What kind of atmosphere is the establishment where I will be working out of?
In addition to our entire customer base being non-Japanese, our team of staff and companions are also foreign with many half / quarter Japanese individuals. The atmosphere itself is like being in a foreign country while being in Shibuya! It’s the perfect place to be if you like being surrounded by foreigners in a relaxing environment. Returnees, Overseas students and Working Holiday Makers who have lived abroad will find themselves right at home.
What are the studio lessons?
The studio lessons are held at our jointly run studio located in the ward of Shibuya. Professional teachers are available to teach you the art of Yoga, Pole Dancing, Kick Boxing, Djing etc. Improve your well being via these lessons to improve your work performance with more repeater customers and nominations. The more you make the better the store does so we encourage you to all join the studio when you first start! THC isn’t your average
I have no experience in the “fuuzoku” industry.
Even if you have no experience in the fuuzoku industry that doesn’t mean you can’t work at THC. We will teach you all the basics from start to finish to get the job done. In addition all our teachers are females! It may be daunting to think about what you have to do with the client on your first day but with the training we provide you will have one less thing to worry about. Not only will they teach you on the job skills, they will teach you how to get repeat customers and industry tricks to succeed in the role. Unlike other agencies where they charge you for these lessons. We provide them to all our new cast members free of charge!
I don’t have much confidence in myself
Foreigners have different tastes to Japanese men so if you’ve had trouble earning at other agencies in the past you don’t have anything to worry about by joining THC. The pictures are the most important factor when getting chosen so we’ve employed a professional photographer to take all our photos at our own studio.



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